1.  We are a holistic program that integrates traditional and non-traditional evidence based treatment modalities and therapies

 Our approach to working with addiction, mental and emotional health, and physical health can best be described as a synergistic, whole-person, evidence based model that marries the ancient wisdom of Eastern healing practices with the ever-growing technological advances of Western medicine.  In addition, we also utilize traditional and non-traditional experiential therapies with the ultimate goal of being to find the most effective treatment protocol for each client. 

The five main areas we focus on are Integrative MindBody Medicine, Mental and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Spiritual Development.  This multifaceted approach is the key to burgeoning the necessary lifestyle changes that are required to create not only long-term sobriety, but also to support sound physical, mental and emotional health.  

All too often rehab facilities and programs claim that they offer a Holistic approach to treating drug and alcohol dependency when in fact they load their clients up on multiple powerful psychotropic medications without first administering any testing protocols whatsoever; basically a drugs first and maybe some tests second approach.  While there certainly are conditions that warrant prescription medications, the physicians and psychiatrists affiliated with The Power of Choice utilize strict testing protocols prior to prescribing anything to our clients, including supplements.  Effective treatment when working with addiction and co-occurring disorders is learning to regulate one’s emotions in healthy, appropriate ways.  This cannot occur when an individual is overmedicated on psychotropic and mood stabilizing drugs. 

We have discovered that when the physical body is balanced and “feeling better,” a person is much more to willing to continue to make healthy, self-supportive Choices going forward.

2.    Comprehensive diagnostic protocols are conducted starting day one

 Our physicians and psychiatrists are pioneers, thought leaders and teachers in the various fields of integrated functional holistic medicine.  They adhere to strict testing protocols before administering medications and supplements. 

Our physicians and psychiatrists employ the latest advancements in biochemical restoration by utilizing targeted amino acid therapies, targeted IV therapies, nutraceuticals, whole food supplements and whole food nutrition to restore biochemical balance to the brain and to the body, regulate hormones, restore the body’s immune and digestive systems, as well as lower levels of stress.  Emotional dysregulation, biochemical imbalances in the brain and in the body, unregulated hormones, poor adrenal function, poor functioning immune and digestive systems, and high levels of stress are the primary drivers of addiction.

3.  Cost of treatment

The cost of treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis depending upon the length of treatment, the types of a la carte services requested, and the desired housing option.  However, our fees are comparable to what one would pay for the highest quality of care available at a residential treatment facility.  The exact cost of treatment will be determined following an in-depth assessment.  A minimum of two month's retainer is required, with the first month's payment due prior to the commencement of service, with the remainder being due in full the first day of the second month.   

Do you take insurance?

No. Out of pocket, self-pay is required.  However, a super-bill can be provided for partial insurance reimbursement depending on the type of health insurance coverage you have.

4.    Our treatment team has over 300 years of cumulative practice experience

We have formed an ever-expanding team of some of the most well respected and gifted clinicians in the fields of addiction and MindBody health care.  Collectively our entire team possesses over 300 years of practice experience.  Our clinicians are pioneers in their fields, thought leaders who educate their peers, and authors who write the books that become the teaching tools of our time.  Our team harnesses that collective wisdom and experience, synergistically channeling it towards the specific mental and emotional, physical and spiritual needs of each one of our clients. 

5.    We offer the highest staff to client ratio of any program in the country

Currently our medical, psychiatric, and clinical staff to client ratio is 20:1 and growing.  This figure also does not take into account the sober companions and additional support staff we utilize to serve our clients.  It is vital that we are able to provide the necessary tools to address and treat the specific areas of concern for each individual that we serve.  We remain vigilant in our search to seek out gifted clinicians and healers, progressive therapeutic modalities, and cutting edge healing arts and sciences that address the underlying causes surrounding addiction, mental and emotional imbalance.     

6.    We are a true luxury concierge treatment program

While there are many doctors who will administer in home detoxification, and there are even a few other “concierge” treatment programs that provide medical detoxification services in tropical locations, there is only one true concierge treatment program that marries the finest medical care with the very best therapeutic care available. 

Our model provides us the flexibility to offer completely customizable services based upon the specific needs of each one of our clients.  Our ultimate goal is to facilitate in the healing process of our clients while supporting their individualized needs in an environment that affords total luxury and complete anonymity.       

Typically a client can expect to receive, if they so choose, 25-40+ hours a week of individual therapy with some of the most well respected clinicians in their respective fields, direct access to the top medical minds in the country, their own luxury accommodations, personal chef, butler, personal assistant, a team of sober companions, driver, and a personal security detail if that is something that is required. 

7.    We only work one to one with our clients

Working one to one with our clients is one of the many factors that differentiate The Power of Choice™ from all of the other treatment options available.  Addiction, mental and emotional imbalances are personal issues that need personalized attention, and that is why our clients receive only individualized treatment.  

The “one size fits all” approach to working with addiction and the underlying emotional issues that drive an addiction are unfortunately the treatment norm.   Many programs claim differentiated approaches to working with addiction.  Others claim that they offer the most one to one therapy available (60-70 hours a month where we can administer over 160 hours within the same time period) but no program comes close to the differentiated, high level of individualized care that The Power of Choice™ provides.

Each client we serve receives a treatment program designed specifically for their needs, one that is based upon their specific issues, beliefs, profession and any additional contributing factors that define their individuality.    

It is all too easy to get lost in the shuffle of a busy treatment facility, where depending upon the facility there can be upwards of 40 plus people who are all receiving the same exact treatment as the next person; basically no individually specific program differentiation.  During this challenging time a person in this type of environment is not only dealing with their own issues but they are also inundated with the issues of the rest of the treatment population, oftentimes surrounded by people who have been in and out of residential treatment multiple times.

If you are a person who is looking for the highest level of addiction care available, and you are a person who would like to address your personal specific issues in an environment that supports complete anonymity then a high touch concierge treatment option like The Power of Choice™ is your best option. 

8.     We only work with one client at a time

One of our primary philosophies and what really separates The Power of Choice™ from more traditional treatment options is our focus on providing a high-touch, high-level of individualized care for each one of our clients.  We do this by focusing our resources on one client at a time.  Our interests lie in serving those that are serious about transmuting addiction, and those who are willing to commit to putting in the necessary work to facilitate those changes.  Each prospective client undergoes a thorough screening process to ensure that when they are accepted that they will be a good fit for our program.  This process ensures that our resources are being committed to those who will remain committed to see their program through to completion. 

9.    Infinite resources, personal results

Another factor that differentiates The Power of Choice™ from all residential programs is that we are not limited to only working with the medical and clinical staff “under our roof.”  The very nature of our program allows us to seek out the most qualified physicians and clinicians who specialize in practice areas that our clients need assistance in.

When an individual is working on healing the underlying issues associated with an addiction and/or mental or emotional imbalance they need multifaceted care.  We have established relationships with experts in virtually every field of medicine, psychology, and the healing arts so we can provide the resources that traditional residential treatment programs simply cannot. 

10.    We address the core underlying drivers of addiction, mental and emotional imbalance, not the outward manifestation

At The Power of Choice™ we believe that the only way to effectively treat addiction is to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual underpinnings of problematic behaviors.  If an individual is struggling with drug abuse, an eating disorder, self-harm or any other behavioral challenges that lead to self-destructive consequences – these are negative coping styles that need to be addressed.  Individuals frequently use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate and will concurrently engage in other destructive behaviors to avoid anxiety, depression, or other mental or emotional health issues.  Programs that simply focus on behaviors miss the opportunity to treat the root cause of their clients' difficulties.  Research has demonstrated definitively that if you do not treat the root cause of a behavioral issue the issue will re-emerge after treatment or it will be replaced by a new negative coping mechanism.

11.  We like to work with our clients through their first year of sobriety, and we provide on-going case management indefinitely

Ideally we like to work with our clients throughout their first year of sobriety as a way to ensure the greatest chance to foment long-term sobriety.  Statistics overwhelmingly show that long-term sobriety is contingent upon the duration in which an individual remains engaged in an effective relapse prevention program.

We do not expect, nor do we encourage that our clients remain engaged in residential treatment for a year.  Typically, the residential component lasts anywhere from 30-90 day’s, and over that period of time as our clients progress further down their own paths we will tweak their programs according to their needs and rate of development.  

During the residential component we assist our clients in creating, and then re-entering their new sober life safely and gradually by utilizing a comprehensive aftercare plan in conjunction with sober companionship.  As the program requirements shift over time we offer a fee for service arrangement based upon the clients' level of need and involvement as a way to encourage our clients to stay connected with us and their program for at least a year.

12.  Each client has their own luxury accommodations

At each one of our Southern California locations our clients receive their own private, luxury accommodations.  We are different from the many high-end drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs currently available in that we work with you on an individual-client basis, customizing an approach to your unique set of challenges in a milieu of utmost privacy and confidentiality, one that is reflective of the environment that our clients will return to. 

We offer a number of different housing options depending on our clients needs and desires.  From ocean front mansions in Malibu, to executive style townhomes in Santa Monica, to full service condominium’s in the heart of Los Angeles and options in between, all of our properties share one common thread – they all afford total luxury and privacy ensuring that our clients stay will be comfortable and confidential. 

13.  Each client has their own team of sober companions

The utilization of sober companionship is another defining characteristic of The Power of Choice™ approach.  We provide our clients with their own accommodations, and because of this it is vital that the necessary support structures are in place to ensure that the safety and the needs of our clients are being met. 

At the end of the residential treatment component it is imperative that appropriate support structures are implemented so that our clients may easily reintegrate back into their existing lives without the fear of falling back into old relapsing patterns.

Having the right companion present to assist and support our clients, especially when faced with challenging circumstances or transitional periods is an essential component in supporting the learning process of making healthy, self-supportive choices that will engender lasting sobriety.  Our team of highly qualified companions have all worked in the treatment field in various capacities.   They are available 24/7 as a necessary support system during periods of challenges and transitions to assist our clients as needed.

14.   We encourage and assist our clients to continue working while in treatment if they wish

One of the fundamental shortcomings with the residential treatment model is that the milieu is artificial; it is not reflective of the environment that a person neither came from nor will be returning to at the completion of their program. 

We understand that for most people it is not practical to “check out” of life for an extended period of time when seeking out treatment, nor do we think that it is beneficial to do so.  We encourage our clients to continue to live their lives as they normally would during their stay with us as best as possible.  We have found this approach to be the most transferrable to establishing lasting sobriety.  In essence, our clients are learning how to forge a sober life in an environment that is the most reflective of their own. 

15.  It is our job to provide our clients with the right tools to facilitate change

Not everyone responds to the same medical interventions or therapy in the same way.  It is important to have the largest tool box available as a means to provide a full panoply of treatment services which is why we have assembled an ever growing treatment team that possesses over 300 years of cumulative practice experience.

The latest clinical research and developments in both neuroscience and pharmacology in conjunction with state of the art testing methods and diagnostic tools have literally changed the way we detoxify, assess and treat each client.  From a clinical and medical perspective we treat addiction by focusing on the underlying physiological and neurological chemical imbalances. 

Dependency to chemicals disrupts and depletes the delicate balance of the endocrine system.  We assess and define an individual’s specific imbalances and once these imbalances have been recognized we then proceed to replenish the body and brain appropriately.  Utilizing functional integrative medicine, biochemical restoration and holistic evidence based therapies we clinically replete and rebalance our clients while addressing the underlying emotional imbalances that drive the addiction.  In combination with appropriate individualized psycho-social support and specific clinical applications, our clients can lead satisfying sober lives with confidence and vitality.