The Food

We use food as medicine.


Every facet of each one of our programs is experiential, and so too is the food.  Cooking demonstrations are an important component in our retreat programs because we want you to have the knowledge, and the experience of how you can create your own plant based menu's when you return home.    


Inspired by the body and it's innate ability to heal itself, we only use organic, non-GMO foods in our menu.  All of our food is sourced locally to ensure that you receive only the highest, and best quality fruits and vegetables available.

We use food as medicine to restore your health.  Instead of focusing on diet, we focus on supporting the metabolic function, which contributes to weight gain, hypothyroidism, poor digestion, and low energy.  


Each day our plant based menu, which has been carefully constructed by our nutritionist who holds a Ph.D  in natural health with a speciality in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, consists of carefully selected organic fruits and vegetables.

While losing weight is a natural aspect of participating in all of our programs, it is by no means the primary goal.  We feel that by focusing on metabolic function as opposed to diet is a healthier, more sustainable approach to maintaining a healthy weight in the long run.