The Metabolic Program™

Our Most Comprehensive Program

The Metabolic Program™ is our most comprehensive retreat program.  This program is designed for those who want a clear picture of their overall health.  We combine our foundational Chakra Program™ with a comprehensive medical workup to give our clients an in-depth understanding of how their body is functioning at a cellular level.  The Metabolic Program™ is a  9 night and 10 day experiential program that begins before you even arrive.  A thorough assessment is performed, along with comprehensive lab work in advance of your arrival.  With the results in hand our Team is able to hit the ground running from the moment you arrive.  We offer The Metabolic Program™ for small groups of 3 to 8 individuals, as well as for those who choose to participate in our Concierge Experience™.  

The Metabolic Program™ is designed to give you a clear understanding as to how your body is currently functioning on a cellular level.  This program is designed to address the physical imbalances that are keeping you from experiencing a state of optimal physical health through careful analysis, detoxification, and restoration.  In addition, The Metabolic Program™ addresses any energetic blockages that are keeping you from experiencing a state of quintessential mental, emotional, and spiritual health.            


We use food as medicine to restore your health.  Instead of focusing on diet, we focus on supporting the metabolic function, which contributes to weight gain, hypothyroidism, poor digestion, and low energy.  Each day our plant based menu, which has been carefully constructed by our nutritionist who holds a Ph.D  in Natural Health with a speciality in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, consists of carefully selected organic fruits and vegetables that are designed to enhance metabolic function.