The Metabolic Program™


Our team of physicians and clinicians will work individually with you to optimize your health and wellness.  Comprehensive lab tests will be ordered prior to your arrival that will give our experts an adept understanding of how your body is functioning upon arrival.  

They will meet with you one to one to review your results, and will outline an individualized plan to address your specific health needs. Thyroid function will be assessed, which is essential for healthy metabolic function, our energy levels, mood, fertility, blood sugar levels, and our digestion.  They will also look at levels of inflammation in the body.  When inflammation is high the body produces more adrenaline and cortisol, which can inhibit liver and immune function, as well as cause thyroid and hormonal imbalances.  This can lead to a greater chance of developing certain forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, neurological diseases, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, and type II diabetes.               

Metabolism is the rate at which you utilize the foods you eat.  The faster you do it, the healthier you are.  We use food as medicine to restore your health.  Instead of focusing on diet, we focus on supporting the metabolic function, which contributes to weight gain, hypothyroidism, poor digestion, and low energy.  Each day our plant based menu, which has been carefully constructed by our nutritionist who holds a Ph.D  in Natural Health with a speciality in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, consists of carefully selected organic fruits and vegetables that are designed to enhance your metabolic function.