The Executive Program™


The short retreat format is a powerful way to reset the body, mind, spirit, and to establish a deeper connection with the Soul.  Our Executive Program™ is designed to do exactly that.  We offer the same modalities of our Chakra Program™, our core signature program, in a condensed format that will cleanse, detoxify, and restore energetic balance to the body.  Each day, our clients' will experience a synergistic set of modalities that commence early in the morning with a contemplative hike in the mountains, and will culminate in the evening with therapeutic body work.  

With all of our programs we utilize a plant based, organic diet that to restore your health and to boost metabolic function.  If you are feeling stressed, tired, burnout, moody, bloated, prone to weight gain, looking to explore a deeper connection with yourself, or if you simply need a short break from your day-to-day reality then The Power of Choice™ Executive Program™ is for you.