The Concierge Experience™


The Concierge Experience™ is the highest, and most personalized level of care that we offer.  You select the program that you would like, and we will customize it to fit your needs.  After a thorough assessment, our team of physicians and clinicians will work individually with you to create a specific plan to optimize your health and wellness.  From the clinicians selected to facilitate your program, to your personalized day-to-day itinerary, we will ensure that the correct resources are being allocated to you at all times.  

The Concierge Experience™ is truly a global offering.  We partner with one of the most experienced private jet team's in the industry who have operated more than 2500 trips to over 200 countries and counting. Whether it's a private jet or a helicopter, a yacht in the Mediterranean or Croatia, an opulent palace in Thailand or Morocco, or an oceanfront estate in Hawaii or the Hampton's, our team of private travel consultants can create an unforgettable experience for you and your companions.  We only select the best available properties, each carefully screened for their amenities, service, and proximity to the resources that we require to facilitate our proprietary programs.

An additional service that we provide is if you would like for us to liaise with your current assets or resources.  We possess the ability to connect with you anywhere in the world, and we will facilitate one of our signature proprietary programs designed specifically for you.