Below are answer's to some of the most common questions that we receive.

What is The Power of Choice™?

The Power of Choice™ is a global holistic retreat provider comprised of a team of  thought leaders, authors and experts within their respected fields.  We offer three different proprietary holistic programs in addition to our "Concierge Experience™ and "Concierge Addiction Treatment."  All three of our programs are designed to stimulate transformative personal experiences that touch upon the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the Self, and we use food as a form of medicine to cleanse and detoxify the body in a safe and sustainable way.  We are a team of highly gifted medical professionals, clinicians, and most importantly, healers, who facilitate every aspect of our program for you, but who also teach you how to heal yourself.

What makes The Power of Choice™ different from other retreat options?

The primary difference between The Power of Choice™ retreats and other retreat options is that this is not our main vocation.  We are a team of talented physicians, clinicians, and healers who all maintain successful private practices, but who also share a common mission to heal others.  We come together as a Team on an infrequent basis to bestow our gifts upon those who choose to retain our services by providing an experience that does not exist anywhere else.  Collectively, we possess over 200 years of clinical experience, and we want to share that experience with others to improve upon their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually.  There is a clear objective with each facet of our program.  From the daily schedule and the order of the modalities, to the detox protocols, to the food, and to the individuals who comprise our Team, there is meaning and intention behind everything that we do, with the sole purpose of being to serve others.   

How is a typical day structured at The Power of Choice™?

There are subtle variations between all of our programs.  A typical day is centered around of our thoughtfully structured fitness and nutritional program, which unfold over a period of 8 hours each full day.  We incorporate hiking, various forms of yoga, personal fitness training, therapeutic massage and body work, energy medicine, meditation, time for  introspection and contemplation, appetizing organic meals, and tranquil sleep.  All of the modalities that we incorporate into each one of our programs have a synergistic effect.  We set a clear intention as to how the day will unfold with each modality building upon the previous, culminating with our clients' experiencing a profound sense of depth, serenity, and mental clarity at the end of each day. 

What are the differences between your programs?

All of our programs are experiential in nature.  They draw upon ancient holism and modern evidence based practices to cleanse, detoxify, and bring energetic balance back into the body to restore it to its optimal state. The Chakra Program™ is our core program, which runs a minimum of 6 night's and 7 day's.  The Metabolic Program™ is our most comprehensive retreat program in that it combines the modalities of The Chakra Program™ with additional comprehensive diagnostic medical test's in order to provide an in-depth understanding of how your body is functioning on a cellular level.  The minimum duration of The Metabolic Program is 9 night's and 10 day's.  The Executive Program™ is a 3 night and 4 day experiential retreat program designed for those who recognize that they need a reset, but simply do not have the time to commit to one of our longer programs.  We offer the same modalities of our Chakra Program™, our core signature program, in a condensed format.

The Concierge Experience™ is our highest, and most personalized level of care.  We can facilitate any one of our signature programs, or a program customized specifically for you, anywhere in the world where there currently are no travel restrictions in place for US citizens.  The Concierge Experience™ programs require a minimum duration of 3 night's and 4 day's. 

Why don't you post an example of a daily schedule on your web site?

We do not post a schedule for the same reasons why Coke does not reveal their secret recipe, our programs truly are proprietary in nature.  We make each clinician, support staff member, and client sign a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement prior to commencing any form of engagement with us so that we may maintain the integrity of our programs.  While the format and the modalities can be replicated, the understanding behind how and why these programs work synergistically is wisdom that has been gained over many years of study and implementation, and we value that information tremendously.

Are you a weight loss retreat?

While losing weight is a natural aspect of participating in all of our programs, it is by no means the primary goal.  We feel that by focusing on metabolic function as opposed to diet is a healthier, more sustainable approach to maintaining a healthy weight in the long run.  Diet's are short-term strategy's, we prefer long-term goals.       

How should I expect to feel by the end of your program?

 We offer both group, and individual experiences for those seeking to discover or reconnect with their true Self.   Our proprietary programs focus on integrating the Mind, Body and Spirit, and we do this by marrying Nutrition, Yoga, Fitness, Body Work, Energy Medicine and Meditation into a synergistic, transformative personal experience.   Our programs detoxify and cleanse the body, strengthen the core, awaken the consciousness, and promote sustainable health and wellbeing.  Towards the end of your program your body will feel stronger, lighter and you will have more energy.  You will have a renewed sense of purpose, a greater sense of clarity, inner peace, empowered, and a deeper connection with the Self.

What do you mean when you say that you utilize food as medicine and what type of food will I be eating?

We utilize a plant based diet that has been carefully constructed by our nutritionist who holds a Ph.D in Natural Health with a speciality in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  Food truly is a natural form of medicine when it is utilized in its natural, organic state.  We focus on both the micro and macro nutrient properties of the food we serve to heal and repair the gut, as well as the major organ system's of the body.  All of the food that we serve is certified organic, non-GMO, and the daily no option menus consist of only fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, pulses and seeds.   

How many people do you allow at a time?

Our retreat minimum is 3 and our maximum is 8.  The Concierge Experience™ does not carry a minimum census nor does it have a maximum. 

Why don't you run your programs out of one facility?

We do not have a main facility for a few reasons.  The first is that we are a concierge service that facilitates our programs all across the globe.  We use the same team of clinicians whether we are in Malibu, California or Bali, therefore, we would prefer to not have to pay the overhead on a facility when it is not in use.  We also like being able to utilize a number of different locations as each location provides a unique experience both for us, as well as for the client's who have retained our services on a number of different occasions.     

What kind of accommodations will I be staying in?

We utilize a number of different locations based upon the needs and requests of our clientele, to include ocean side bungalows and estates, mountain side villas , and celebrity owned compounds.  We provide daily housekeeping service to ensure that whichever location we use will be maintained at a level on par with the finest 5 star hotel.

Will I have my own room?

Each client will have their own room and bathroom.  We believe that it is important that each client have their own private space for introspection and quite contemplation.   

How far in advance should I make my reservation?

We recommend that reservations be made at least 30 day's in advance, however, we can on occasion accommodate reservations made 14 day's in advance if we have availability and you pay in full at the time of booking.

Am I physically able to participate in all of the modalities?

Our programs have been designed to include a wide range of active lifestyles, but more importantly, we meet you where you are at.  After we confirm your reservation, we will email you a brief survey to complete and return before your stay which will be reviewed by our trained medical and fitness staff who will follow up with a brief consultation if needed.  We recommend that in the weeks preceding your visit, you abstain from using tobacco, alcohol, mind altering substances, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, and dairy products, as it will reduce the potential discomfort associated with the detoxification process.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

We recommend casual functional clothing that allows you to be comfortable, and that can be used for fitness and yoga classes.  We recommend bringing at least four sets that can be interchanged for both hiking, fitness training, and yoga.  Clothing with the ability to wick moisture from the skin is best.  A pair of broken-in workout/cross training shoes or running shoes AND hiking shoes that have been broken in appropriately, 4 pairs of running socks and liners to prevent blisters during your hikes (please note thick socks and/or cotton socks cause blisters), a sun hat, sunblock with a minimum of 45spf, sunglasses, bathing suit, a waterproof jacket or windbreaker, sweatshirt or fleece to wear at night, and a small backpack to take on your hike's. We will provide you with a full suggested packing list when you confirm their reservation.

Can I bring my cell phone and my computer?

During your time with us we ask you to refrain from using any electronic devices unless it is absolutely necessary.  It is important that you remain present and focused on the objectives outlined in your program.  Like anything in life, the more you commit to the process, the harder you work, the greater the results.  Too often we find distraction in our "devices" when we should be focusing our attention on establishing a deeper, more meaningful connection with our Self.  If you remove that distraction by leaving your devices at home the shift that you will experience will be deeper, and more profound.

Do your programs help recover from addictive substances?

Absolutely!  In fact The Power of Choice™ began as a concierge substance abuse treatment provider in 2008.  All of our programs touch on the conditions that drive the "addicted state."  Smoking and the use of mind altering substances is strictly prohibited during your program.  Smoking cessation is a common phenomenon as a result of our programs, and the desire to seek out the substances or mechanisms that were previously used to self-soothe tend to no longer be desired upon completion of our programs.

If I am flying private which airport is the closest and most convenient to fly into?   

We recommend landing at either Camarillo Airport (CMA), or Van Nuys (VNY).

Is transportation provided?

Yes.  We can provide chauffeur services to and from the greater Los Angeles area, including transportation to and from Camarillo Airport.