Arturo Mesquite, Ph.D

Arturo Mesquite, Ph.D

Arturo Mesquite is a leader in the world of nutrition and mind body balance. He is a firm believer in treating the whole person by utilizing the human body’s innate ability to heal, and using food as medicine.  With over fifteen years of experience, Arturo is one of the most respected names in the health industry having helped many Hollywood stars, fashion designers, fitness celebrities and most recently a middleweight world champion boxer achieve optimal levels of health and wellness.  Since 2002, Arturo has maintained a private practice in Beverly Hills, CA in conjunction with offering services abroad, regularly practicing in New York, Miami, Mexico City and Zurich.

His nutritional programs focus on what contributes to weight gain, hypothyroidism, poor digestion, and low energy, ultimately helping to maintain a fit and healthy body.  Arturo’s nutritional programs view food as medicine, reversing many health conditions and restoring health by eating the right foods.  Other focal points of his programs include diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplements.


   Ph.D in Natural Health

   Certified by AIWP, (Association for The Integration of the Whole Person)

   Certified Nutrition Response Testing in Clinical Practice, Institute of ULAN Nutritional Systems

   Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

   Dr. Jeffrey Bland (Clinical Nutrition)

   Dr. David M. Brady (Clinical Nutrition)

   Dr. Richard Bartlett, “Matrix Energetics”

   Byron Katie, founder of “"The Work"

   Dr Kim Yuen “The Yuen Method”

   Gonzalo Herrera’s “Shamanic work” 

   Santa Monica Shiatsu School

Mentors include:

   Dr. Mikio Sankey for sacred geometry and esoteric acupuncture along with nutritional and bio-energetic work

   Dr. Vincent Midichi for medicinal nutrition and transformational bodywork including reading emotions through the body

   Dr. Marcia Dale Lopez for spiritual psychology

   Doddie Anderson and the work of Dr. Ray Peat